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Air: Force Protection

Airborne stand-off jammers can provide force protection to other air assets during missions. Our EW systems deliver modern state of the art stand-off jamming capability for a variety of aircrafts and enable long range highly sensitive detection capability to identify threats.

Ultra TCS' EW systems provide airborne stand-off jamming utilizing state-of-the-art Electronic Support Measures (ESM) receiver technology combined with modern Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) transmitting hardware. The systems produce a wide variety of coherent and non-coherent ECM waveforms as well as both deception and denial techniques.

Our EW systems are designed for manned and unmanned platforms and allow for fully autonomous operation or operator-in-the-loop scenarios. This enables mission commanders/operators to take control of the decision-making process or allow the system to work automatically against pre-programmed user criteria. The stand-off jamming solutions can be supplemented with an ELINT system for long range detection and identification of emitters in order to provide queuing data to the stand-off jamming system.

Ultra TCS combines its EW systems and multi-mission radios to allow other platforms to gain situational awareness and an understanding of the force protection being applied.

Suited for:

  • Stand-off jamming
  • Long range radar detection and identification