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Land: Public Safety

Specifically tailored for mission-critical applications, Ultra's communications systems can support disaster recovery, counter-terrorism and city-wide surveillance.

High-capacity broadband communications help nations protect their critical infrastructure and recover after a natural or man-made disaster by empowering armed forces and security organizations with real-time command and control data and situational awareness information. Ultra TCS’ products are designed to provide quickly deployable robust broadband wireless access even in difficult urban areas. In both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight conditions, multiple video streams coming from manned or unmanned vehicles, helicopters, or tactical joint operation centres can be accessed or distributed to provide real-time reconnaissance & identification and shared situational awareness.

We offer voice and high-capacity data connectivity between vehicles and dismounted forces. Our communications solutions are flexible, optimize spectrum use and seamlessly integrate 4G-compliant smartphones and tablets, enabling independent operation from commercial networks. These reliable and secure networks enable management of deployed assets and resources in challenging environments.

Suited for:

  • Disaster recovery teams
  • Counter-terrorism, police and military operations
  • Event management and security
  • Covert and overt surveillance
  • Interagency collaboration