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Sea: Amphibious Operations

Tactical communications solutions to support joint operations and expeditionary missions.

Deployed forces to islands and coastal areas in support of security or tactical military objectives need increased situational awareness of the expeditionary or transport fleet with ship-to-ship video links and wideband signal intelligence capabilities. Ultra TCS’ wideband communications enable rapid deployment of a high-capacity IP network on land to extend ground operations while remaining connected to floating headquarters with robust ship-to-shore communication links.

Using a flexible software-defined architecture, our radio systems can support critical phases of joint amphibious missions with reliable high-capacity connectivity to at-the-halt, at-the-quick-halt and on-the-move units. In natural disaster situations, these radio communications solutions maintain high-capacity connectivity between land and floating centers of operations. They facilitate first responders and tactical forces joint assessment of the situation, decision making and coordination of recovery actions while supporting telemedicine services.

Suited for:

  • Ship-to-ship, ship-to-launding crafts and ship-to-shore communications
  • Communications and non-communications intelligence monitoring
  • Quickly deployed land bases and command posts
  • Natural disaster recovery missions