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Sea: Coastal Surveillance

Developing a coastal surveillance system requires dedicated EO/IR & Signal Intelligence capability and the ability to exchange data across fixed & mobile coastal units and vessels. Our backhaul and access solutions optimize the use of coastal surveillance systems and maintain constant communications between ships, vehicles and control centers.

Maritime Security Operation Centers can maintain real time data and video connectivity with patrolling boats and communicate with each other using our high capacity access and backhaul communications systems. Surveillance data from maritime assets and coastal sensor platforms can be shared between mobile units, displayed in command posts and relayed to regional centers. Mid-shore patrol vessels and light boats can travel along the shore and seamlessly roam from one shore base to another, using the same radio system supporting their own maritime interdiction operations.

Situational awareness at sea can evolve from seeing a few blips on a radar screen and tracks on a map to fully leveraging all sensor technology deployed in theater. Ships, vehicles and command posts on the ground can share and retrieve all ISR/SIGINT sensor information and databases relevant to a given point of interest simply by accessing corresponding applications on multi-function consoles. Ultra TCS systems dramatically improve coastal surveillance operations by connecting all units to high performance sensors, enabling a true common operating picture.

Suited for:

  • Land, ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communications
  • Mobile ISR/SIGINT units, sensor nodes, and maritime interceptors
  • Command posts, regional centers and maritime control centers