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Sea: Force Protection

While in port or at sea, ships and other major fleet assets can maintain secure, bi-directional, high-speed connectivity with several patrolling boats and communicate with each other using Ultra's high-capacity tactical communications systems. Ships can remain connected to Maritime Security Operation Centers and access relevant image or video feeds.

Using high-capacity links between ships, video, detailed maps, pictures and drawings can be seamlessly shared amongst mission forces. Ships can also collaborate through interactive mission planning and video-conferences. For example, in a damage control situation, a ship in need of assistance can send real-time isometric drawings of the situation to another ship or to the shore, complete with video streams, biometrics, medical and casualty information. Battle damage control systems can stream data from the damaged ship to another ship or to a shore facility. Nearby ships or patrolling rigid-hulled inflatable boats can send video of what they see as well as receive feeds from remotely located high performance sensors to form an active force protection array.

Ultra TCS’ systems increase the operational capabilities of smaller boats, previously limited to low bandwidth voice and text messaging. With an increased reliance on sensors and cloud architectures, on-the-move high speed data connectivity enables sharing of a common operating picture and is essential to force protection.

Suited for:

  • Active protection array
  • Threat identification
  • Damaged ship assistance and medical support