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Ultra TCS Gives Back to the Community with Scholarship Award

MAY 2020, WED 20


Ultra TCS has maintained strong links with academia for more than 20 years ensuring a steady
stream of diverse talent and innovative ideas. There is great collective synergy amongst Ultra’s
business professionals, engineers, technicians and the students, researchers and professors
we collaborate with. This synergy is essential in enabling Ultra to create disruptive technologies
that set it apart in a competitive, global market.

At a time when Canada, Quebec and Ultra need more engineers to support the digital
revolution, women are still underrepresented in the engineering profession. In order to
encourage more women to take an interest in engineering, Ultra and the Ordre des Ingénieurs
du Québec (OIQ) Foundation[1] have created a new scholarship – the “Femme de
Génie” (Outstanding Women in Engineering) scholarship. This past March, Ultra and the
Foundation announced the first winner of this new scholarship award – Jessica Ing.

Jessica’s Story

First attracted to the Arts, Jessica Ing decided instead to complete a Bachelor in Behavioral Neurosciences at Concordia University in 2017. Seeking a more technical avenue and a greater practical application of her knowledge, she was then drawn to a Masters in Neuroscience. It was a timely visit to the ÉTS open-door event which opened her eyes to the variety of available engineering programs. Enthusiastic about the experience, she joined ÉTS in the fall of 2018 and began her adventure by becoming involved with the SONIA club (autonomous submarine) and the INGénieuses, a social group of female students who introduce girls in primary and secondary school to science. In addition to working in restaurants to pay for her studies, Jessica is very active with the Student Association where she represents the interests of members and provides innovative solutions within her student community. 

Given the current economic slowdown, the scholarship is especially timely for Jessica. Describing her experience as a student in Engineering, Jessica explains that "Engineering has made me discover the pleasure of working in a team, a dimension which was much less present in the faculties of Neurosciences".

We hope to be able to formally present the scholarship to Jessica next September and the “Femme de Génie” scholarship will be offered again in 2021 and 2022.

The initiative is another great opportunity for Ultra to give back to the community and coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the invention of radio broadcasting recently celebrated in Montreal.

To find out more about Ultra’s new scholarship award, please see

[1] Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) is the self-regulatory body that governs Quebec's 55,000 professional engineers.  Fondation OIQ is an independent, non-profit organization that manages scholarship programs that encourage CEGEP-level students heading towards engineering, as well as university students at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.