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Ultra Demonstrates Critical Air Defense Communication Links During US JTAP Exercise

MARCH 2015, TUE 24

March 24, 2015 - Montreal, Canada — Ultra Electronics, TCS demonstrated the Ultra ORION GRC-245C radio at the Joint Tactical Air Picture Exercise, taking place during Exercise Red Flag at Nellis Air Force Base (AFB), Nevada.

Joint Tactical Air Picture (JTAP) is a joint effort to modernize air defense communications. The purpose of JTAP is to develop, evaluate and validate joint techniques, tactics and procedures to improve the joint air picture and increase engagement opportunities.

During Exercise JTAP Ultra provided state of the art ORION GRC-245C tactical microwave radios to help overcome terrain challenges in the exercise area of operation. The microwave links installed by Ultra provided long-haul, low latency IP infrastructure that was deemed difficult for existing infrastructures to achieve. The tactical links were used by three separate Patriot missile batteries for the transporting of critical low-latency IPADIL firing data.

“The radio links were operational in a matter of minutes and the soldiers were able to maintain the system with no formal training. All three of our IPADIL links were operating with an average delay of less than 5 ms. The Ultra ORION proved to be a huge asset to our operational mission, and a big step towards modernization”, said Captain Joel Martinez of the 69th ADA S6 Staff. “This radio made my job easier as the unit’s S6. Generally speaking, whenever on operations, having a radio that is consistent and reliable is invaluable. It allows the commander to conduct mission command and control his/her element without the frustration or worry of not having a voice in the fight, and in Patriot’s terms, the ability to engage the enemy.”

Paul Zweers, Vice-President, Ultra Electronics, TCS commented;  “TCS has a long history of providing trusted and dependable solutions to the air defense community and we are proud to have proven that the ORION GRC-245C meets the Patriot low latency requirements”.

The Ultra ORION family of software-defined radio solutions is designed to enable robust high-capacity communications with over 50 different tactical modes including interoperability with thousands of previously fielded HCLOS radios around the world. The ORION GRC-245C Tri-LOS radio provides high-capacity communications (up to 1 Gbps), operates simultaneously in multiple bands (NATO full band 3/3+/4 and ISM 2.4/5.8 GHz) and offers a large portfolio of waveforms. It can fulfill multiple roles such as backhaul repeater, range extension node, aggregation/distribution point, WLAN and remote station for point-to-multipoint access at the edge.

About Ultra Electronics, TCS
Part of the Ultra Electronics Group, TCS provides advanced and vertically integrated C4ISR and EW systems for ground, airborne and naval applications around the globe. Ultra Electronics, TCS is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with facilities in Ottawa and the United States. Its products and services play a major role in the C4ISR and EW ecosystems for defence, security and public safety applications. Ultra Electronics, TCS supplies high-capacity communications, IP networking, C2 support, ISR network convergence, electronic & signal intelligence and electronic counter measure solutions.

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