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Ultra Electronics, TCS Launches UltraHop™ ECCM Waveform

MAY 2014, MON 05

Fast frequency hopping, full band and high throughput ECCM waveform offering best in class jamming resilience.


May 5, 2014 - Montreal, Canada — Ultra Electronics, TCS is proud to announce the launch of the UltraHop™ ECCM waveform. This fast frequency hopping (1000 hops per second), full band and high throughput (16 Mbps) waveform is compatible with the GRC-245C and X500-G tri-channel radio systems. The waveform is paired with superior AFC (Automatic Frequency Control), ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control), AMC (Adaptive Modulation & Coding) and provides several diversity options offering best in class jamming resilience.

Part of the Ultra ORION family, the GRC-245C and X500-G tri-channel radios provide high-capacity communications for air defense and tactical networks interconnecting C4ISR elements. The radio provides unprecedented operational flexibility, functioning as a backhaul repeater, range extension node, aggregation/ distribution point for high bandwidth needs, WLAN and remote station for point-to-multipoint access down to the network's edge.

Paul Zweers, Vice-President, Ultra Electronics TCS, commented: “There is a significant rise in adversary forces deploying Electronic Warfare (EW) capabilities across theatre aiming to disrupt critical air defense and mission essential backbone data communications. The GRC-245C and X500-G are the only multichannel radio platforms that can counter Electronic Attack with channel diversity and frequency band diversity in combination with the UltraHopTM wideband ECCM. The Ultra ORION radios combine the best of TCS’ leading capabilities in high capacity line-of-sight radios and EW protection, all while giving the users unprecedented mission flexibility.”


About Ultra Electronics, TCS
Part of the Ultra Electronics Group, TCS provides advanced and vertically integrated C4ISR and EW systems for ground, airborne and naval applications around the globe. Ultra Electronics, TCS is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with facilities in Ottawa and the United States. Its products and services play a major role in the C4ISR and EW ecosystems for defence, security and public safety applications. Ultra Electronics, TCS supplies high-capacity communications, IP networking, C2 support, ISR network convergence, electronic & signal intelligence and electronic counter measure solutions.

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