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ISR & Electronic Warfare:TALON

World class ELINT/ESM control and analysis software application

The TALON software is tailored to control the latest Ultra TCS’ ELINT/ESM hardware including Phase Interferometry Direction Finding (DF) systems and Spinning DF antenna systems. TALON can control hardware attached directly or remotely via a datalink such as the Ultra ORION. 

TALON analysis mode is a stand-alone functionality that allows complex online or offline/post-mission analysis of data collected from real hardware, TALON simulator or from other systems. 

TALON also provides a training mode of operation when paired with Ultra TCS' TALON Server Simulator. This enables users to react to simulated emitter data that can be controlled by the instructor to reflect real world scenarios.

Key Features

  • Powerful Software Based Signal Processing
  • User Friendly Interface
  • ELINT/ESM Situational Awareness
  • Sophisticated Data Analysis Mode
  • Raw IF Import Feature
  • Programmable Emitter Library Parameters
  • Open Software ICD

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