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ISR & Electronic Warfare:UltraEAGLE

UltraEAGLE (Electronic Acquisition Gathering Locating Equipment) is a family of Electronic Support (ES) systems designed to meet a wide array of Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) missions.

Available in various models covering A through K band, UltraEAGLE represents a modern integrated digital ELINT receiver system for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

UltraEAGLE exploits the benefits of an open architecture with net-centric control and operation. Incorporating wideband software defined digital receiver technology; UltraEAGLE offers state of the art radar emitter intercept, analysis and recording capability.

Powerful TALON Software

An inherently strong firmware and software based signal processing capability enables UltraEAGLE to sort, identify and collect the latest threat emitters, including those using LPI techniques such as spread spectrum.  Using TALON on the desktop, every UltraEAGLE operator has a powerful and proven ELINT analysis tool that will support live intercept, analysis and recording.

Flexible and Modular

By using a variety of modular and networkable ELINT system building blocks including antennas, tuners, pulse and signal analyzers and workstations, the UltraEAGLE can respond rapidly with an ELINT system solution that reflects the user’s imperatives, operational requirements and budget constraints.  A range of packaging options from ATR to standard VPX enable UltraEAGLE system solutions to address a variety of user needs.

Wideband ELINT Collection and Direction Finding

  • Standard Frequency Coverage 0.5 to 18.0 GHz, optionally extendable above and below
  • A range of DF options from high directional gain steered antennas to monopulse arrays
  • Optional Precision 1D and 2D Interferometer DF receivers
  • Mixed receiver technology options
  • Small size and weight DF antenna options
  • Dense and Complex Environmental Capability
  • High selectivity and immunity to interference enables EAGLE operation in a dense environment
  • Selectable hardware and software filters support improved matched receiver conditions in the presence of interference over the entire operating frequency range
  • Integrated TALON application software suite enables multi-faceted views of the emitter environment.
  • TALON virtual pulse analyzer recording and analysis tool enables complex emitter handling
  • Compact mobile and networkable
  • Compact and lightweight system configuration options to support air, sea and land mobile operations
  • Optimized system architecture for multi-mission solutions
  • Open standard networking protocols enable UltraEAGLE to provide a full network of ELINT sensors

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