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ISR & Electronic Warfare:UltraHAWK

Developed to support operational test and evaluation of self protection systems on board ships, aircraft and ground based platforms.

The UltraHAWK is capable of radiating multiple simultaneous complex radar signals at a moving or stationary target at ranges of 10-30km.  A typical UltraHAWK configuration includes an environmentally controlled shelter that contains electronic equipment, such as a Radar Signal Simulator, Radar Target Simulator, amplifiers, operator workstations etc. Associated with the shelter is a platform or trailer that contains the antenna pedestal with transmit and receive antenna arrays and video cameras used for target tracking.

Analysis Receiver

UltraHAWK range simulators can be equipped with analysis receivers capable of collecting all emissions transmitted at the target and all emissions from the target.  Collected signals can be analyzed in real time or stored for off-line in depth analysis.  The receivers used are based on the UltraEAGLE line of ELINT receivers.

Suitable for all Applications

UltraHAWK systems can be installed in fixed permanent sites, mounted on trailers or in trucks to support mobile operations.  They can also be operated in semi-permanent sites on shore or on board ship when equipped with gyro stabilizers.

Broad Capability

  • RWR/ES system/jammer engagement & integration on land, sea or air platforms
  • Fully mobile or static configurations (autonomous and ad-hoc)
  • Simultaneous engagement of radars and ESM systems utilizing on-board radar signal simulators & radar threat simulators
  • Multiple and simultaneous targets (Radiation of concurrent deception and jamming techniques)
  • Full analysis receiver capability (jamming effectiveness analysis/jamming signal analysis/signal environment in test Scenario/interface to 3rd party analysis/geo stamped outputs)
  • Advanced Target Tracking
  • Radar
  • Automatic video tracking
  • AIS tracking
  • Manual tracking
  • Multiple tracking modes available for operator selection
  • Advanced Signal Generation
  • State of the art Radar Signal Simulator covering from 0.5 GHz up to 40 GHz
  • Up to 32 simultaneous complex emitters, each supporting multiple modes and multiple beams, each of which can have pulse-to-pulse parameter agility on all key parameters (PRI, PW, Frequency, MOP, amplitude)
  • Effective radiated power levels up to +100 dBmi
  • DRFM based Radar Target Simulator covering from 0.5 up to 40 GHz
  • Multiple simultaneous channels to support multiple target and ECM generation
  • Base models include target RCS and Doppler and range

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