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Wireless Communications:RadioBridge

Integrates single channel radio voice & data and telephony on the IP network

The RadioBridge integrates mobile radios, SATCOM/TETRA/GSM terminals, IP & analog telephone systems, user head-sets and networked communication terminals. It provides next-generation radio and intercom communications capabilities while dramatically reducing size, weight and power requirements over previous generation technology. This ruggedized system integrates 4 or 8 radios, a communications switch, and a call manager into a single compact, lightweight and low-power unit suitable for vehicles, ships and airborne systems. It supports multiple simultaneous radio repeater, cross-patch and cross-banding, conference and intercom network connections. It reduces bandwidth demand by mixing many audio streams into one audio stream. This combined audio stream can be sent in IP/UDP/RTP unicast or multicast stream to other RadioBridge units. An optional plug-in card for the system supports quad FXO lines, quad FXS telephone lines, and a single Primary Rate ISDN T1/E1 span.

  • Excellent SWaP for vehicular, shipborne & airborne installation
  • Radio agnostic communications
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Flexible & customizable user interface & profiles
  • Local & remote radio control
  • Scalable system
  • Multiple simultaneous radio repeater, cross-patch, conference & intercom network connections
  • Data transmission & reception
  • All military connectors
  • Automated call routing
  • Embedded conference bridge
  • Configurable voice & IP packet detect
  • VOX transmit control modes
  • Optional T1/E1 ISDN & quad FXO, FXS ports
  • SIP and H.323 support
  • Java console operator application
  • DSCP tagging of SIP and IP/UDP/SIP packets
  • G.711 and G.729 codecs support
  • MELPe support

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